Dora Maclellan Brown (1879-1974) worked in her family business, taught Sunday School at Second Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, and married late in life. She had no biological children, but she had numerous “children in the faith.” At her funeral, "many grey-haired old ladies" attended, and most of them had been in her Bible classes since they were teenagers. Many others at that celebration were men and women she had helped obtain an education.

Her family moved to Chattanooga from New Brunswick, Canada, in the late 1800’s. Her family business, Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company, had prospered, so “Aunt Dora” understood what it meant to be blessed financially. Because God was preeminent in her life, she carefully outlined a way to use her portion of the family’s wealth to support “general principles of encouraging truly Christian causes.” As Paul wrote to the Ephesians about “the kind intention of [God’s] will,” (NASB), the board members through the years have constantly considered the kind intentions of Mrs. Brown’s will.

The Generosity Trust is a testament to God’s blessing of Miss Dora’s vision of generous support for Christian causes. Since its inception in the early 1970s, what was originally named the Dora Maclellan Brown Charitable Trust and later the Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation but is now known as The Generosity Trust, has inspired scores of men and women. God has also graciously multiplied their generous gifts, actions, and words.

The original trustees were W. Henry Trotter, Hugh D. Huffaker Sr., and Pemberton Cooley, all now deceased. Through the years, the Lord has raised up Godly, gifted and capable men to carry on the work begun by these original pioneers.

All her life, Aunt Dora helped students go to school. The Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarships given by the foundation have supported more than 400 men and women since 1972. All of them have prepared for Christian ministry – pastors, missionaries, counselors, professors - or lay leadership positions within the local church.

The Generosity Trust has a proud history and an exciting future. We are committed to empowering Christian giving and continuing the generous Kingdom-minded legacy of the late Mrs. Dora Maclellan Brown.