Generosity Training

Today many individuals and churches are facing financial challenges.

• Debt

• Greed

• Financial mismanagement

Individuals in our community want to be generous, but many are bound by debt and misunderstand God’s intent for their money and possessions. The Generosity Trust has compiled excellent resources to teach individuals (most often through churches) how to begin and move into their own personal journey of generosity.

All of our training is Biblically based. The Bible contains 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions, and 15 percent of everything Jesus said had to do with it. The Generosity Trust team has a passion to help people learn and apply these practical, life-changing financial principles so they may experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord.

Our goal is to develop strategic partnerships with leaders of churches, para-church organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. We aspire to equip and train individuals in the area of financial stewardship and to foster a culture of generosity in Chattanooga, Northwest Georgia, and the surrounding areas.

Our knowledgeable, dedicated team is eager to serve you and your church by equipping and energizing you to establish and maintain a comprehensive stewardship ministry based on God's financial principles.

To get started today, contact our generosity training consultants:

Henry Henegar

423-266-5257 ext. 101