Advisors Training


  • The Generosity Trust assists financial professionals in numerous ways.
  • The staff of The Generosity Trust are themselves financial professionals, but there is no charge for their advice, consultation, establishment of mission funds, or estate design.
  • Nothing at The Generosity Trust is for sale. The only possible charges are for interest-bearing funds (20 basis points) and for endowed funds (1 percent). Pass-through Mission Funds have no charges whatsoever.
  • The Generosity Trust in no way competes with financial professionals. The Generosity Trust is a partner and a catalyst in the charitable journey of individuals and families and corporations.
  • In fact, donors of Mission Funds can continue to employ their own investment managers if they choose.


The Generosity Trust works with all financial professionals: brokers, attorneys, wealth managers, estate planners, development officers, family offices, insurance agents, bankers, accountants, and tax specialists---anyone in the field.