Money Map Coach

How to know if you need Money Map Coaching

Do you desire to learn about honoring the Lord with your finances?

Do you need help in setting up a spending plan and budgeting your money?

Do you want to make certain that your present budget is meeting the needs of you and your family?

If so, then you are a candidate for Money Map Coaching!

What to expect in a Money Map Coaching session

1. Coaching Process

  • If you are married, both husband and wife should plan on attending together, otherwise very little can be accomplished.
  • The Money Map Coach will discuss biblical stewardship and will explain what God expects from His children. Our Money Map Coaches are serving under the authority of their local church.
  • The Money Map Coach will assist you in evaluating your present spending pattern and help you work towards a balanced spending plan.
  • Once the spending plan is agreed upon, the Money Map Coach will act as an accountability partner with you and will inform you of other studies that will enhance your understanding of biblical stewardship.

2. Information Needed

  • You may be asked to bring your checkbook register, income tax forms, paycheck stubs, bank statements, current bills, or other related information.
  • Your Money Map Coach will indicate exactly what he or she wants you to bring with you for the first meeting.

3. Meeting Location

  • You will, most likely, be asked to meet in a neutral location where there are very few distractions and where there is sufficient table space to work on your budget. Many times counselors will use their local church.

4. Session Length

  • Your first session will run between 1½ and 2 hours. Subsequent session should run a little over an hour.

To schedule a meeting with a Money Map Coach, please contact our local Money Map Coach Coordinator, Ben Brychta at: (423) 280-1919.