"I can certainly share positive feedback regarding the LIVING GENEROUSLY study in general and the videos we used during worship services. I was a little nervous going into this series of worship services that the videos might be a little long for our congregation in a worship setting. I am pleased to report that my slight hesitation was proven to be way off base. I received nothing but positive feedback about the videos.  Everyone agreed that their quality was fantastic - very effective in communicating aspects of the biblical message that are simply difficult to communicate through words alone...I believe approximately 6600 people viewed them in our worship experiences."


“It doesn't make sense. To be honest, it's not even natural. So, for a church to set a giving record in January, it has to be supernal. When I began teaching the importance of debt reduction based on Crown Ministry's resource materials, Money Map Seminar and showing the God Provides videos, our congregation became more generous with their offerings. Crown Ministries is a crown jewel."

"I highly recommend the seminar, but be prepared to take them through the 10 week Bible study for a more in depth understanding. Our Bible study has a waiting list, and we have two classes scheduled each week.
People want to be set free, not only from the law of sin and death, but from the law of sin and debt.”

Pastor Bernie Miller, D.Div.
New Covenant Fellowship Church


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me to walk closer to the Lord and to learn how to depend on him for everything. The Crown Financial class that Scott and Rick taught has been very helpful in aiding my spiritual growth.  I am thankful for their obedience to the Lord because I have benefited greatly from it. “Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as being in control of everything. Riches and honor come from you alone, and you are the Ruler of all mankind; your hand controls power and might and it is at your discretion that men are made great and given strength.”  1 Chronicles 29:11-12  This was the hardest memory verse in the class; yet I found it quite poetic and beautiful! It has become one of my favorite verses because every time I worry I remember who is truly in charge and who makes me great and gives me strength. In the past ten weeks I have been given hope through God’s word and promises. I have learned how to save, how to be obedient, and most of all, I have learned how to become a good steward with my Master’s property. I am on the way to financial freedom and I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me once my enslavement to debt is gone! I look forward to the day when I can tell you that I have reached financial freedom! The victory belongs to the Lord!"

"My wife and I are newlyweds who benefitted greatly from what we learned during the Crown Financial Course. The course provided a financial direction complete with goals and biblical applications that took out the guess work for us. This guidance demonstrated what God wishes us to do with the resources he provides. As believers in the power of our Lord, this gave us the confidence and sense of security we needed when it comes to our finances. Going forward we are able to pray over what God gives us and apply his principles to our financial direction. We are also able to know with 100% conviction that decisions we make are aligned biblically. It is that sense of security that allows us to live a happy life knowing that we are pleasing God. None of this would be possible without God and what he’s shown us through our journey within the Crown Ministry courses."

"I have learned so much through the Biblical Financial Study and the benefits are rolling off to my husband and family. We are now tithing (we had always “given” to the church but never tithed) and this marks the first year that we are not using debt to buy Christmas presents. Praise God! We are well on our way to paying off our credit card debt and our automobiles are already paid off. My husband has seen the blessing of signing the “Quit Claim Deed” and turning all of “our” possessions over to God. We are now trying to impact our family and help guide a small church we’ve been attending for the past few months. God is truly Faithful."

“I came to the study looking for some help in managing my family’s finances. The Crown Small Group Study provided practical tools to do just that. But it’s more than a study about finances – I feel much more intimate with Christ now, and my spiritual walk is so much stronger!

“I bought several Christian books about finances, I studied them, I believed in God's promises, I asked friends to pray with me, I made radical changes in my life style, I budgeted, I got control over emotional spending, I cut all my credit cards off, I made agreements with the creditors, I honored the agreements, I got a second job, I moved over to a friend's house, I cried a lot, and three and a half years later I became debt free!  I am still living under the grace of this freedom."

"I am giving this testimony to encourage others to persevere in their goal to be debt free. It is possible, but it’s probably going to take lots of effort to accomplish it. Don't give up! Take responsibility, do the homework, pray, believe and rejoice with your freedom! God bless you! Thank you so much, Crown Financial Ministries!”

"I have been a Christian for many years and as such have had other teachings regarding being debt free and have managed to do a pretty good job along those lines. What the Crown Ministries series has really brought to light for me is the need to turn all of my spending decisions over to the Lord, realizing that it all belongs to him and that he has uses for my resources that may be different than what I would choose and that the whole purpose of being financially responsible is to be free to fulfill the great commission."

“I have spent the last 10 weeks participating in the Crown Financial Ministry small group session with our Stewardship Council. Each week we worked on a different topic, memorizing a Scripture passage, looking up various texts and wondering about the meaning. It was good and I think that each person walks away with some insight(s). But for me, the light bulb really did not go on until we were packing up to leave. Really! We had done our last lesson and watched our final 3 minute video and were giving some final thoughts when the whole point of the study hit me: this is about evangelization, about serving Christ. At one level, the course is about making sensible judgments about the use of money and having a conviction about God’s presence in our life, even our financial life. This is very true and important. But at another level, it was about becoming a missionary, a true disciple of Christ. The two presenters in the final video talked about the implications of just a small percentage of Christians really implementing Crown and funding the work of Christ. The numbers are impressive (billions of dollars) and very hopeful. But here is what I realized: the point of the study is to say to us, look, if you really want to serve Christ, you cannot ignore your ‘secular’ life. You have to get your life and priorities in order or you can never really be an effective minister. You may love God, enjoy church, pray, read the Scriptures and all the rest but unless you are living according to God’s will with your pocketbook, you cannot serve him. If you live a materialistic life, you cannot be spiritual. All too often, despite our best intentions, our ‘secular’ or ‘worldly’ life is controlling our spiritual life. It should be the other way around-- the spiritual must control the material. Yet, we find that we can’t do anything for our spiritual life because our secular life gets in the way. Crown can help. Not many of us can change over night or become saintly in an instant. It can be a long process that leads to a deeper spirituality. But I heard a call to reclaim the power of the spiritual over the secular. This is the Crown we seek.”


“In April 2010, my wife and I attended the new Money Map Seminar and really accelerated our financial goals. We have been married almost 13 years and have never been in much debt.  Unfortunately, we sensed that we could be better stewards of our resources. We knew that we could save more, give more and put more back for our 2 children. Once we started living on a written plan, we have far surpassed our expectations by living by God's economy. We set a goal in April 2010 to fully fund an emergency fund and purchase a used vehicle with cash within 18 months. We were excited because we did not have any credit card debt or consumer debt. I am happy to report that with God's grace and guidance, we have fully funded our emergency fund, have 3-6 months of living expenses and we will purchase a used Honda CRV between now and June 1 with cash. We are on Destination 4 and really seeing progress. I hope this will be an encouragement to you as you serve. I simply want to become a Money Map Coach so that I can help others see how great it is to live on this journey to financial freedom. Thanks for all your work. I appreciate Crown Ministries so much.” 

“We are writing to extend our appreciation to the ministry and share our wonderful news with you. We got married in January 2003 and had student loan, car and credit card debt. It seemed to be an insurmountable amount to manage. The Lord led us to a Crown seminar. The seminar leader was very gracious and loving in his presentation. We really sensed the Lord working through him.

Since that period of time:

  • We moved 200 miles to Lexington, Kentucky and Jonathan works from home and Karen works 3 miles away. This allowed us to go to one car. We previously had two cars and were both driving 20 – 30 miles each day. This has been a substantial cost savings.
  • We reduced our living expenses about 30% by moving to a different location.
  • The Lord has blessed us with an increased income.
  • We used the increase in income and cost savings to increase our giving, savings and paying off debt.
  • We have no more debt!

God really made a way for us. The student loan was due to be paid through 2033. We paid it off 25 ½ years early! We have also saved enough for a second car and have an emergency fund. We are excited as we continue our journey on the money map and begin saving for a home. We have been blessed. May God’s love, grace and peace richly bless each of you! “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13:14).” Blessings!"


"I am very thankful for the assistance Ben Brychta has provided my adult son using the Money Map Coaching Process.Ben was clear and kind when he introduced us to the process and very patient with my son when he had difficulty initially using the process. With Ben's continued direction my son is making good progress in addressing his financial difficulties. I am thankful to God we have come into contact with Ben and the Money Map Coaching Process and I highly recommend both to others who need assistance."

“Before my husband and I got in touch with you through Crown’s Money Map Coaching ministry, we were struggling intensely and having a hard time agreeing on which actions to take. You patiently and compassionately helped us consider our options. We are grateful to you, to Crown, and to the Lord. We appreciate not only your financial counsel but also your sincere friendship and concern.  You and your wife have taken an interest in us personally and spiritually and have been a great blessing to us in many, many ways. We cannot thank you enough for the ways you have encouraged and helped us get on a budget that works!

“Where do I begin to tell you how Crown has affected me…Well sit back here goes! Back in May, I was in such a financial mess. I was about to lose my car and didn’t know where to turn. I spoke with Will (friend) and explained my financial mess. He recommended that I speak with a Crown Money Map Coach and I made an appointment. As I was driving there, I thought to myself, what are they going to be able to say, that will help my situation, I owe more on the car than it is worth, I can’t refinance it because of my bad credit. Well, they were amazing! I listened, with my heart ready to receive any counsel, my spirit was broken and I felt there was no hope…I didn’t realize how much God has to do with our finances! He (MMC) proceeded to tell me how the car was sinking the ship and that I needed to get rid of it. He proceeded to tell me I needed to call the finance company the following day and tell them to come pick up the car! He stayed silent and just stared at me; the thoughts began to race through my mind. He (MMC) said, I know what you are thinking…how are you going to get to work, how will you get your daughter to school, how can you be without a car…that is exactly what I was thinking.  He then said the most powerful words ever spoken to me…”You are going to TRUST God! And again, he stayed silent and said nothing…it seemed like an eternity, immediately, I began to feel sick, I thought I was going to throw up right then and there…, but instead my body decided to break down and CRY instead.  I knew I believed in God, and I know I have a relationship with God, and I have trusted God in many other things, but FINANCES…a CAR…I thought how would he materialize a car for me, how will I resolve this mess! Shortly after I left, I got into my car and really broke down and then called my son David, and told him of my meeting with the MMC Coaches. He said he felt it was good advice and asked me what was I going to do? I said “I am going to trust God” That night I wrestled…I believe I was wrestling against the wiles of the devil.  There was no sleep that night…but the next morning I had hope, a relief, I knew what I had to do…I did procrastinate until noon time…I know they enemy was still making a final attempt…I told myself that’s it…are you going to trust God or not? I had spoken with boss and explained everything to him (I thought I was going to loose my job, after all I work in ACCOUNTS PAYABLE). He asked me what I was going to do about a car after I got rid of the current one. I said boldly …“Trust God”, he said "Ok, I am going to call the Single Mom’s Ministry at my church and see if they can help!”  Well the next day my boss called the Single Mom’s Ministry. The pastor said “I don’t believe we have any vehicles available at this time, but let me call my assistant” He called his assistant, and it’s unbelievable, she was speaking to a company that was looking to donate a car that very moment! Incredible, God is awesome! They said it will take a couple of weeks to process, God is Great! I was trembling in awe. Crown, has taught me to TRUST God!  Crown, has taught me the importance of GIVING, that ALL things belong to GOD!  I have a desire, and a passion to tell everyone about Crown.  To make a difference in helping people get out of debt and I believe the results will bring people to know who GOD really is.”

"I write this testimony as the mother of a child who needed help with his finances. He needed assistance in every area.  Most of all my son needed a person he could connect with and trust.  Ben Brychta has been an absolute God-send in this matter.  Ben was concerned that this may not work because it was not our son's idea, but his parents.  Because of Ben's kind and caring nature, and also because of Ben's strong belief in what he is doing as a Money Map Coach, our son saw that he did have a need and felt comfortable that he would receive help. Even though our son disappointed Ben on occasion, Mr. Brychta stayed with him and we are all seeing progress. We are very grateful to Ben and give God the glory for his favor in this situation."


“In doing the Crown Financial Bible study I have learned everything from being a good steward of my money to staying out of debt. One area that is of particular importance to me is the area of saving. Everyday we are surrounded with quick ways to spend our money. Instead of spending most or all that we have we should save first. A person needs to have a savings account for emergencies and long term goals or needs. I have learned to spend less than I earn and to save and invest.”

Josh, age 18

“Throughout the study, I have learned how to manage money God’s way. I learned that giving, saving, honesty plus work is all a part of managing money correctly. I also learned that listening to counsel is the smart thing to do when managing money. I will take this information into my future and manage my finances God’s way.”

Autumn, age 13