Where Are They Now?

Since 1965, The Generosity Trust (and its predecessors) has been awarding scholarships to seminary students from Chattanooga. These Dora Maclellan Brown Scholarship recipients are now almost 400 strong and serving the Lord in 27 states and 14 foreign countries.


Some examples of DMB recipients serving the Lord at home and abroad:

  • Missionary in Slovakia
  • Christian musician in Florida
  • Chaplain in the U. S. Navy
  • Seminary professor in Croatia
  • Pastor in Texas
  • Church planter in India
  • Pastor in North Dakota
  • Chaplain in the U. S. Army
  • Bible History teacher in Chattanooga
  • Missionary in Latin America
  • Pastor in Washington state
  • Missionary to China
  • Missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship
  • Pastor of Korean church in Chattanooga
  • Pastor in Michigan
  • Missionary in France
  • Chaplain in U. S. Air Force
  • Dean of Divinity School
  • Young Life leader
  • Bible professor in Christian college
  • Serving in Christian counseling center
  • Missionary to Nepal
  • Missionary to Poland
  • Missionary in Scotland
  • Missionary in Liberia
  • Missionary in Madagascar
  • Missionary in Ethiopia
  • Chaplain with U. S. Marines
  • Pastor in Chattanooga

DMB scholars are church planters; serve on large and small church staffs; have begun numerous non-profit organizations in Chattanooga and around the country; serve with Young Life; teach at the high school, college and seminary level; work in counseling programs both within and outside of the local church; and preach to tens of thousands each week from pulpits across this great land.