Current TSF Scholars

Timothy Bond

Master of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School at Samford University
Anticipated graduation date - December 2013
"The truths of the Gospel, that for so long I had ignored, began to resound in my heart."
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Adam Dunham

Bachelor's Degree in International Studies at City College of New York
Anticipated graduation date - 2011
"I believe God has taken me through suffering and difficulty to mold and create me into a stronger witness for Him."
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Claire Dunham

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
Anticipated graduation date - 2011
"I wish to change some opinions about Jesus Christ and the part He plays in everyone's lives through my actions as a believer in Christ."
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Rebecca (Bekka) Duong

Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art & Medical Technology, Union University
Anticipated graduation date - May 2014
"God does not cause the trials and hardships that we go through in life; He allows them to happen - to build us up, to make us stronger."
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Kevin Hartzell

Bachelor's Degree in Community Development, Covenant College
Anticipated graduation date - May 2012
"My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most defining part of me, the one thing that will truly last and matter."
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Lacey Hynds

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Anderson University
Anticipated graduation date - May 2012
"God constantly is showing me aspects of His sovereignty and power which make me even more in love with Him."
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Gyven Nabors

Master of Divinity at Nairobi International School of Theology
Anticipated graduation date - June 2017
"Studying in Nairobi gives me a chance to learn more about ministry and missions while I am practicing it."
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Travis Rann

Master of Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Anticipated graduation date - May 2013
"As I look at my faith in Christ, it is not a moment I time that I look to.  It is the life that I have lived and will live with Him."
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Lara Ragan

Bachelor's Degree in Missions at Moody Bible Institute
Anticipated graduation date - May 2012
"God broke me to a point that I realized that I needed Him more than anything else and that His plans for me were not over yet."
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Corson Wallace

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, University of Alabama
Anticipated graduation date - May 2012
"I am very thankful for the faith God has blessed me with and the redemption He grants me from my sins."
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