Why Be Generous

Joyful generosity can change the world.

Consider how your community would change if you were a little more giving today. If you gave your money, your talents and your time to causes that really matter.

The most generous act in all the world – Christ taking on our sins and dying in our place, to be raised again on the third day – is the essence of Generosity. God looked with compassion on us and provided a way that we might spend eternity with Him. And it cost Him everything – the very life of His beloved Son. We are all called to be generous, because God was and is the first and most generous giver.


is Biblical;

connects us with others;

establishes priorities in our lives;


creates perspective;

draws us toward the character of God;

is doable by everyone.

Generosity is more than being kind, bighearted, or even charitable. It is an attribute that derives its power from the very nature of God.

God's generosity must spill over into our lives and flow through every act, thought, and desire. A generous God gave to us His most precious gift. We must give generously back to Him to fulfill his purposes in the world.

Explore these pages to learn more about generosity and to read and see stories of generous people. Not because these people have arrived at “being generous.” Not even close. They are still on that journey of generosity that we all must walk. Our prayer is that their stories will inspire you to learn and to act more generously.